LAST MINUTE | Mesut Özil’s sharing that excites Fenerbahçe fans! Coming for sign…


Mesut Özil, who has been chasing Fenerbahçe for a long time, will come to Istanbul tomorrow evening or Monday for the transfer. Özil will sign a 3.5-year contract. On the other hand, the exciting sharing came from Fenerbahçe. Mesut Özil responded to my post

Mesut Özil also made an agreement with Arsenal and Fenerbahçe invited the world famous football player to Istanbul to join his squad. Özil will come to Istanbul tomorrow evening or Monday to sign a 3.5-year contract with the yellow and blue team. ARRIVAL DAY WILL BE DETERMINED TOMORROW Having agreed with the 32-year-old football player and waiting for the termination talks with the player’s club Arsenal, Fenerbahçe invited the 32-year-old star football player to Istanbul, as a result of the actor’s agreement with his club today.


Özil will arrive in Istanbul tomorrow evening or Monday with the private plane of Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç. Flight planning is expected to be completed tomorrow. On the other hand, the yellow navy blue guys preparing for a magnificent signing ceremony will add Mesut Özil to its staff for 3.5 years on weekdays. While the renovation of the villa that Mesut bought in Çamlıca in Istanbul continues at full speed, the actor will stay somewhere else for a few months with his family.


The yellow-blue club shared ‘Come, let’s be night with the day’ on the developments. Fenerbahçe manager Alper Pirşen shared, “I am not saying anything more”. Mesut Özil responded to this share with a yellow-dark blue heart and hourglass emoji. Star football player Mesut Özil, whose transfer to Fenerbahçe is a matter of time, made the color of the profile logo on social media yellow and dark blue.


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