Last Minute: Google Enters Cryptocurrency Industry!


This and similar news is what Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies need most right now. Every day we witness the new statements of the world’s largest financial institutions about cryptocurrencies. The news that comes in the evening today may be the most important of all.

Google and Cryptocurrency

Google hired former PayPal executive to expand its payments division. Google may soon begin offering custody services to cryptocurrency investors. The news, announced by Walter Bloomberg, caused great excitement in the cryptocurrency community.

Since cryptocurrencies have now become mainstream, Google can easily announce that it will provide such a service soon. Cryptos, which were banned even in AdWords ads a few years ago, will now turn into a business line of the company. It is necessary to be blind not to see the change and transformation that has been experienced for only a few years.

Giant Companies Eyes on Cryptocurrencies

Investors began to be interested in areas such as crypto money, metaverse and NFT in order to make money, technology companies to maintain their assets and financial institutions not to lose their customers. If Facebook is transforming itself as Meta and hundreds of giant companies entered the race to issue NFT, the biggest reason for this is the crypto money ecosystem and its success. Bitcoin, once defined as something only cyber-attackers and gamblers use, is nowadays finding its way onto the balance sheets of governments, central banks and billion-dollar corporations.

Is it still late? It looks like the next years will continue to be late. Those who entered the crypto money ecosystem in 2017 regretted not entering earlier, those who met cryptocurrencies in 2021 lamented the opportunities they missed in 2020. Today we are in the first days of 2022, and when we reach 2023, we can look back and predict what we will say.