Last minute | Fenerbahçe tweeted, Mesut Özil replied!


Last minute news of Mesut Özil … While Fenerbahçe fans were waiting for the transfer of Mesut Özil with great enthusiasm, a tweet was sent from the Yellow Lacivertli club at 19.07, implying the transfer of Mesut Özil. Shortly after this sharing, Mesut Özil also responded to Fenerbahçe. Mesut Özil is coming to Fenerbahçe step by step.

At 19.07, the yellow and blue club tweeted a phrase of the famous superstar Tarkan’s song “I poured roses on my ways” … “Come, Let’s Be Night with Day …”, the song ends with the song “Let’s be happy together”. It is considered certain that the star player, who is expected to come to Istanbul on Monday, sign a contract with Fenerbahçe, especially after this sharing.

THE ANSWER HAS COME FROM MESUT! Shortly after Fenerbahçe’s sharing, the star player also responded to the yellow and navy club.


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