Last minute! The fate of Mauricio Pochettino could be in Spain


It has been the bombshell of the week without a doubt, suddenly and without warning, Mauricio Pochettino left the team of his loves, although only a few months ago he announced that his intention was to stay but it seems that his bosses did not have that same idea. Tottenham Hotspur hoped to name José Mourinho as his new coach, after the Portuguese coach accepted the club’s offer to replace Mauricio Pochettino.

The 56-year-old former player has been out of work since he was fired by Manchester United in December 2018 and has been working as a Sky Sports expert while waiting for the opportunity to return to management. Mourinho made it clear that his preference remained in England, and that he was recently linked to the replacement of Unai Emery in Arsenal. However, the Spurs clash decision suddenly opened the possibility of joining another of the six best clubs and Sky Sports News reported that Mourinho representatives met with the club late Tuesday night.

It was said that the talks were in an advanced stage and that Mourinho could be announced as a replacement for Pochettino on Wednesday after he agreed to take over. What ultimately ended up being an accomplished fact

Pochettino leaves the Spurs with a winning percentage of 55% and the club will pay him 12 million in compensation, given that he had only been 18 months in a new contract. The Spurs are currently in 14th place in the leaderboard.

Mourinho has an arduous task ahead that is very clear, but it is known that Portuguese likes challenges. As for the Argentine coach he has left many suitors and among those who sound the most are Bayern Munich, which could incorporate it into their ranks next summer, the offers continue to sound and we will see what the coach keeps. But Messi has also asked about him, and that is always something to keep in mind.


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