Last minute: An earthquake in Istanbul! Descriptions came


An earthquake occurred in Istanbul around 02.55 – 03.00. The 14 April Istanbul earthquake that took place was felt throughout the city. A statement came from AFAD for the epicenter and severity of the earthquake. The earthquake occurred in the Black Sea in the size of 3.8 at a depth of 7.03 km at 02.56.

AFAD announced the 14th of April earthquake in Istanbul
Along with the message from the AFAD Twitter account, it was announced that there was no negative situation.

Kandilli Observatory published revision information for earthquake related information. According to Kandilli’s measurements, the earthquake occurred at a magnitude of 4.1 at a depth of 17.6 km.

A second revision related to the earthquake came from the Kandilli Observatory. While the size of 4.1 remained the same in the new values, the depth was announced as 16.9 km.

After 30 minutes the earthquake a tag on Twitter #depremistanbul topped the agenda of Turkey.


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