Last minute: Delist made a statement for Binance Terra (LUNA).


A few minutes ago, the largest cryptocurrency exchange Terra (LUNA) made a statement about its exclusion from the list. So how will he be excluded from the list? Binance announced in its latest statement that it will be removed from margin trading if the LUNA price falls below $0.005. But he didn’t say anything about whether he would be excluded from the list of places.

Terra (MOON) Removing from the list

When the LUNA price drops below $0.005, the margin will be excluded from trades. At the time of writing, LUNA is trying to find a buyer for $0.008. At the time of writing, LUNA’s offer has reached 19 billion. In the news made yesterday, we mentioned that the supply will increase exponentially, as the price may fall below 1 cent. 100-fold and 1000-fold winnings are possible in the cryptocurrency markets. Similarly, you can lose 99.99%, as we experienced in LUNA.

Binance made the following statement;

“Due to the current tick size restrictions for perpetual contracts, LUNAUSDT Binance Futures will take the following precautions:

If the price of LUNAUSDT contracts falls below 0.005 USDT, Binance will continue excluding contracts from the listing. Additional information, including the period of exclusion from the list, will be published in the near future.

LUNA futures contracts with margin in BUSD use BUSD as collateral. Users can choose between a leverage of 1-8x. Users can use BUSD and/or USDT interchangeably as collateral for LUNA futures contracts with BUSD margin and USDT margin.”

Update: LUNA will be removed from the Binance futures list at 18:30.

Hope for high profits

Some investors have made purchases at a price above $ 1 due to expectations of the recovery of LUNA in recent days. Purchases made in anticipation of high earnings have already melted by 99%. This week we had one of the three biggest events in the history of cryptocurrencies, and many investors have made the wrong steps, as they have not faced a similar process in the past. He ignored the possibility that LUNA, whose price has fallen from $140, could also fall to $0.0001.

Volatility in the cryptocurrency markets does not always bring money to investors. In the most difficult days of a bear market, it can also lead to you losing all your money in just a few hours. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to strengthen your portfolio with less risky assets, without being tied to one cryptocurrency.