Last Minute: Bitcoin Deleted 8 Thousand Dollars! What’s going on?


Bitcoin price continues to fall. The price declined from the $39,300 highs to the lows of $35,440 on Binance. BTC abruptly wiped out $4,000. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $ 35,790.

Bitcoin price continues to fall: it hit $ 35,440!

BTC entered a major downtrend after talks about rate hikes were revealed in the minutes of the Fed meeting in December. BTC has increased this downward movement even more in recent days. Yesterday, BTC stretched from $ 43 thousand to $ 38 thousand. Today, Bitcoin has dropped to $ 35,440. As a result, the price of Bitcoin deleted 8 thousand dollars in 2 days.

The reason for the decline in the leading crypto money is not yet known. However, for a long time there was an expectation of a correction in the market. It can be said that the effect of the decline in the stock markets in the USA also brought the market down. At the time of writing, altcoins other than BTC are also experiencing a serious decline. Currently, DOT, LUNA and SOL are losing 20 percent.