Last Man Standing: Series Ends After 9 Seasons


Last Man Standing: Last Thursday (20), Fox aired the last episode of Last Man Standing. The production, starring Tim Allen, will not be renewed at the station. For this reason, Kevin Abbott, who has acted as a showrunner for the past few seasons, spoke to Deadline about the matter.

According to him, the writers took care to end all the plots so as not to leave any loose ends with the outcome. For Abbott, the certain stability promoted by working with such a long series is going to be something he will miss. “It was great to be able to spend a decade of my life with these people and really get to know them,” he revealed.

During the interview, the producer and screenwriter also said that he improved his knowledge by conducting the series. He even cited the coronavirus pandemic as a catalyst for learning.

“When you get used to doing some things, you end up panicking when they change,” he said. “But we found a way to continue and do everything that is necessary, something very differently rewarding,” he explained.

Kevin Abbott stated that, initially, he could not believe that he would be able to deliver the full season. “To check everyone’s capacity was something very remarkable and inspiring for me”, he recalled. “It was a great challenge. However, finishing this, going through this task, was truly rewarding ”, he pointed out.

Last Man Standing: what happened in the last episode of the series with Tim Allen?

To conclude the series, Fox aired episodes 9×20 and 9×21 on the same night, with the titles “Baxter Boot Camp” and “Keep on Trucking”. Both presented a very interesting conflict, showing how Mike did, initially, to overcome the theft of his truck. The attachment to the family brought some comfort to the character and everyone got together at the end to say goodbye to the audience.

Although everyone gathered to try to find the missing vehicle, what sounded important in this context was to show how everyone had their ties strengthened in the face of adversity. With that, Mike made the last vlog of Outdoor Man, with several photos of the family, thanking the viewers for the time invested in the production.


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