Last election poll in the US: Trump or Biden?


A poll released shortly before the presidential election in the US revealed that Democratic Party’s Joe Biden was 10 points ahead of Donald Trump.

The poll, jointly conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News, predicts that Biden’s vote will be 52 percent and Trump’s 42 percent.

In the research, it was revealed that Trump’s economic policies, who received criticism about combating the corona epidemic, were approved by his own voters.

It is noteworthy that Biden, which has maintained an 11 percent difference since October, has gained the support of women who have lost their trust in Trump.

Looking at the 12 states that are expected to be the most contentious in the race, the difference, which was 10 percent last month, drops to 6 percent.

According to the news in Euronews, calculations are made that Trump’s hand can be strong in swing states, which are called “swing states” in English, where the winner has been between two big parties in the last 4 elections, which is not a stronghold of any candidate but has enough delegates to change the election result.

The reason for this is that white-collar workers in the voter profile who voted for the current president live in these states.


As a result of the survey, it was also determined that the vast majority of those who voted early by mail were Biden supporters, and Trump’s voters would vote on election day.

In the news of the WJS, it was reminded that none of the 41 polls conducted before on Trump’s general administration had proved favorable results, and therefore a very difficult election awaited Trump.

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The interest of Americans in the election campaign was measured at 83 percent. This is the highest since the 2008 elections, which former president Barack Obama won.

The Americans are divided into two between the corona virus and the economic agenda as well as in the candidates. While 41 percent of the voters say that the economic course will be effective in determining the color of their votes, 38 percent see the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic as a priority.

The questionnaire, which was stated to have a plus or minus 3 percent margin of error, was conducted between October 29-31 with the participation of a thousand people. It was stated that 833 of the participants were from the swing states.


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