‘The Last Dance’: Popular Netflix and ESPN docuseries on Michael Jordan will have an additional chapter


‘The last dance’ has been one of the great television sensations of recent weeks. The documentary series on Michael Jordan produced by ESPN and Netflix has already released the ten episodes that shaped it, but its success has been such that it will have a special additional chapter that will be released this week.

The details of the episode
The episode in question will be titled ‘After the Dance With Stephen A. Smith: A SportsCenter Special’ and will air on the US channel ABC on Tuesday, May 19. Smith will be accompanied by Magic Johnson and other NBA stars to comment on the highlights that we have been able to see throughout the 10 chapters of ‘The Last Dance’.

What is not clear is that we will be able to see the episode outside the United States, since it is produced by ESPN for ABC. In the case of ‘The last dance’ it was done in collaboration between ESPN, which has broadcast it in the United States, and Netflix, which has distributed it in the rest of the world.

In the end it is most likely just an addition that does not contribute much as happened with the additional chapter that Netflix made of ‘Tiger King’ to take advantage of the pull of this documentary series. Anyway, it wouldn’t hurt to see it …


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