Last Bitcoin Transaction Raises $ 900 Million Dump Fear!


Although the new ones in the sector do not know exactly, Mt. Gox cryptocurrency exchange was once the largest exchange. Mt. The hacking of Gox has made its name among the events that the crypto industry cannot forget for years and its effect will continue for a long time.

Mt. Did Gox Sell Bitcoin?
Mt. The funds of Gox investors have been lost with this hacking. While the stock market was found unfair in the lawsuit filed, a decision was made to return the funds to investors. However, most of the payments were still not made and the due date was postponed to 1 July 2020.

Mt. It is known that the current value of the funds in Gox’s cold storage wallets is more than 900 million dollars and payments will be made with them. According to the information provided by CryptoGround, these wallets contain 137,891 BTC and BCH. The $ 400 million sale made by Nobuaki Kobayashi, who was appointed as trustee, at the beginning of 2018 created a great fear at that time. On March 31, Mt. Bitcoin transfer from the account, which looks like a wallet related to Gox, reveals these fears again.

Especially in transaction details Mt. The inclusion of the Gox phrase scared many people and made us think that sales of 900 million dollars could be made. Despite this, when looking at the details of the transaction, Mt. It turned out to be related to the mining pool F2Pool, not the Gox exchange.

Still, the cryptocurrency industry’s Mt. The nervous wait about Gox continues.


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