What is the Lassa Virus Emerging in Nigeria? How Is It Transmitted?


While the world was panicked due to the Corona virus in China, a new outbreak occurred in Nigeria. The epidemic that 170 people died in the past year has led to the death of 41 people this year. African countries in particular need to be careful for this outbreak.

As the world spoke of the Corona virus, which originated in China and spread to many parts of the world, now news from Nigeria was panic. Lassa fever, which costs 41 lives in Nigeria and is seen in different countries, seems to keep the agenda for a long time just like the Corona virus.

What causes Lassa fever is a virus called “Lassa”. It seems that he was the harbinger of a new outbreak if he was trying to take necessary measures for the virus in the region. Because the events and explanations of the experts show that people should be careful about Lassa now after Corona.

What is Lassa fever?
In fact, Lassa fever is a disease that has been seen in the past. The disease, which was first seen in Nigeria in 1969; It can also appear in countries such as Liberia, Ghana and Togo. Lassa fever disease, one of the biggest problems of Nigeria, cost 170 lives in the epidemic of last year.

How is the Lassa virus transmitted and what are the effects?
Unfortunately, the Lassa virus is transmitted to humans through animals such as Corona. The Lassa virus is found in the feces of mice and is also transmitted to humans from here. The virus that passes from person to person causes bleeding fever and ultimately death. The transmission of the virus from one person to another occurs through close contact.

How do we protect from Lassa fire?
According to scientists, the first way to protect against the lassa virus and this deadly disease is personal care. In order to be protected from this virus, people need to pay attention to their self-care and especially the hands that are our dirtiest places must be washed constantly. There is not much that our citizens can do in this context, but Nigeria can do something about it.

Experts say that the first place where the lassa virus appeared should be determined and the work to be done at these points should be concentrated. Because the spread of the virus among animals causes the disease to spread to a wider geography.


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