Laspo: NIMBO, impressions The Rockrose Mystery


We play the prologue of this immense suspense graphic adventure about the disappearance of a scientist in the Rockrose caves.

Fear of the unknown is one of the most effective primordial instincts when building a horror play. Loneliness and vulnerability to an inexplicable, and possibly paranormal, fact is the basic ingredient of many horror titles and, specifically, survival horror. Likewise, it can become the starting point of an adventure that we would not classify as terrifying, but as disturbing, as is the case with Oxenfree. Far from effects such as gore or sudden scares, mystery and suspense are built on constant uncertainty and subtle threat. With this formula, added to an overwhelming immersion, the Tenerife studio Isla Oliva presents Lapso, a first-person graphic adventure whose staging evokes Myst. For now, we can take a first bite at the NIMBO prologue, which is available for free on Steam for Windows PC.

The Rockrose Mystery

We are located in Rockrose, a beautiful religious pilgrimage destination and the protagonist of many paranormal rumors, especially after several hikers claim to have seen figures surmounted by a halo of light. However, for Kali Müller this mountain is her main research object. The scientific illustrator has spent days camping to portray the sanctuaries and investigate the reality behind the miracles that happened in the shelter of their forests and caves.

Terror begins to break through when Müller finds “MISSING” posters with her own name and photograph on them. After a flash of light, the woman appears in an unknown cave, in which she will enter to discover the secrets of Rockrose.


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