Lars Mikkelsen From “Star Wars: Rebels” Responds to Rumors That He Is Recreating The Image of Thrawn in “Ahsoka” For Disney+


“Star Wars” returns live on Disney+, and “Mandalorian” returns in season 3 in March, but more questions are related to the upcoming series “Ahsoka”. The show seems to be the successor to Star Wars: Rebels, a project set in a galaxy far, far away, where Grand Admiral Thrawn appeared on the screen. Now Rebels voice actor Lars Mikkelsen has responded to rumors that he will play the character in Ahsoka.

Rumors that Lars Mikkelsen would reproduce his animated character in a live action movie were circulating back in July 2021. Not so long ago it became known that Mary Elizabeth Winstead would play Hera Sindulla, and it seemed possible that Mikkelsen was portraying Thrawn, and the news just hadn’t been announced yet. However, unfortunately for hopeful fans, the actor’s recent comments on refute these rumors. As for the fan campaign for his return as Thrawn, he said:

I know about it, yes… well, I wasn’t offered. But yes, of course.

On the positive side, it looks like he would have considered playing Thrawn again if he had the chance, but he just didn’t get the offer. Of course, there’s a small chance he’s following the lead of Tatiana Maslany, who responded to rumors that she was cast as the Female Hulk with an outright denial, only to continue playing the character in her own solo Disney+ series. Thrawn was Ahsoka’s target when Rosario Dawson introduced the character in live action in “Mandalorian,” so it seems inevitable that the villain from “Star Wars: Rebels” will appear in her series. Who better to play him than a voice actor?

Wishful thinking, the fan campaign for him to play Thrawn does not even come close to the scale of the rumors about the Hulk Woman that Maslany “debunked”, and none of the characters from Star Wars: Rebels, confirmed the arrival of Ahsoka, will be played yet. their voice actors. In addition to Ahsoka Tano, played by Rosario Dawson, and Hera, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Eman Esfandi will play missing Jedi trainee Ezra Bridger, and Natasha Liu Bordizzo will play Sabine Ren, despite the fact that voice actress Tia Sircar had previously hoped for this. repeat the role in live action.

Thrawn as a representative of the Chiss race means that any actor portraying him will need serious makeup and/or prosthetics with special effects, so it was reasonable to assume that Lars Mikkelsen could turn into a former Grand Admiral Ahsoka. and take a closer look at how he appeared in Rebels.

“The Mandalorian” and “The Book of Boba Fett” have already shown that makeup and prosthetics can turn Rosario Dawson into Ahsoka, who could just as well come out of the animation in the style of “Clone Wars”, so it’s hard to blame fans who pinned their hopes on Mikkelsen. to get the role of Thrawn in the upcoming series. In addition, after the brother of Mads Mikkelsen played a key role in the movie “Rogue One: Star Wars.

Even with Lars Mikkelsen’s comments, fans should not rule out that someone will play Thrawn at the premiere of “Ahsoka”. Between her goal of finding Thrawn (and presumably Ezra) from “Mandalorian” and reports that “Peace Between Worlds” will play a role, there seems to be plenty of opportunity for a villain from “Rebels” to appear. Ahsoka is expected to premiere sometime in 2023; while there is no date, you can always return to Mikkelsen’s work as Thrawn with a Disney+ subscription to broadcast all four seasons of Star Wars: Rebels.


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