Larry Harvey talks about disturbing factors and what she learned during dates a few months after breaking up with Michael B. Jordan


One of the most influential couples in Hollywood used to be Michael B. Jordan and Laurie Harvey, but recently the couple broke up allegedly due to the fact that they were in two different places in their lives. Just two months after the couple broke up after more than a year of relationship, Harvey gave an interview in which she talked about her red flags in the relationship and what she had recently learned about herself during the relationship.

Lori Harvey appeared in the Luv2SeeIt series of her longtime friend Teyona Taylor, who was found on the YouTube channel for the dating app Bumble to talk about all relationships. When asked what bothers her when meeting people, Harvey answered the following:

I would say that if you are too close with your exes, that’s a red flag. Cordial, well, you say. I don’t want you all to eat beef either, because then it gets dirty… On the other hand, how would you feel? Are you cool if I’m still cool with my exes?

Harvey talked about not being cool with someone she’s dating, or being very close to their exes, or constantly arguing with them. She finds nothing wrong with a friendly relationship with a former lover, but draws a line if their friendship is too friendly. After her recent breakup with Michael B. Jordan, both parties deleted each other on their social media along with all their photos of each other.

In a conversation between Laurie Harvey and Teyona Taylor about a relationship, Taylor asked her what makes her feel the strongest when she’s someone’s girlfriend. Here’s what she shared:

Without compromising with their values, standards and requirements. It also depends on what stage of the relationship you guys are at. Sometimes you need to make sure you’re giving it to the right person. Because when you start giving it to the wrong person, he will exhaust you more than you think.

This is solid advice, and it looks like Laurie Harvey is really at the point in her life when she knows what she wants from a partner. A 25-year-old model and entrepreneur of a brand of skin care products called SKN by LH. Harvey also became aware of herself in her Bumble chat, talking to one thing she would like to know from a previous relationship that she knows now. According to her:

I think I’ve even learned to be a better communicator in these relationships. I learned this about myself. I was a terrible conversationalist. I didn’t know.

The answer was met with laughter by her real-life friend, who seemed to cast some friendly shadow, agreeing with this aspect of Laurie Harvey. To clarify, when she says “this relationship,” she seems to be referring to her friendship with Taylor. She got rid of it by laughing with her before saying she was happy to have learned difficult things about herself because it allowed her to grow as a person. While she was dating Jordan, Harvey said the key to their happiness was the need to “communicate” and “reconnect” with each other.

From the chat, it seems that Laurie Harvey is in a down-to-earth place when it comes to realizing what she wants, what she doesn’t want and keeps working when it comes to relationships. While it’s unlikely that we’ll get the same from Michael B. Jordan, the actor was recently spotted getting excited about the premiere solo of Nope. Jordan is currently working on Creed III, which he stars in and is filming. Now it’s the upcoming 2023 film, which will be released in theaters on March 3.


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