Larry Harvey and Mom Posted a Cryptic Message After Her Daughter Broke Up with Michael B. Jordan


A year and a half by Laurie Harvey and Michael B. Jordan was one of the most popular couples, and everything seemed to be going great with them. Back in January, Harvey shared the key to success in their relationship, and just a few weeks ago Jordan posted a short but cute comment in which he praised the image of Disney Princess Harvey at the opening ceremony in Cannes. However, a few days ago we found out that Harvey and Jordan are no longer together, and Harvey’s mom posted a cryptic message, apparently in response to the breakup.

Marjorie Harvey, who married Steve Harvey back in 2007 (he also adopted all three of her children), posted the following video message in her Instagram stories (via E! News), and although she didn’t mention anyone by name, keep in mind: it happened just a few days after it became known about the breakup of Laurie Harvey and Michael B. Jordan:

You sit in shit for too long, it stops smelling. So get the fuck out of there.

Assuming this is really about the breakup of Laurie Harvey and Michael B. Jordan, then it looks like Marjorie Harvey supports her daughter’s decision not to date the Black Panther actor anymore. Frankly, such a comment indicates that Marjorie Harvey either wasn’t a big fan of Jordan at all, or at least she didn’t like how Laurie Harvey’s latest romantic relationship was developing. In any case, it is clear why she believes that the situation in this aspect of her daughter’s life has improved now.

Interestingly, when Steve Harvey commented on the breakup of Laurie Harvey and Michael B. Jordan earlier this week, he indicated that everything ended amicably between them. The Family Feud host also made it clear that he is “Lori’s 1000% team,” but admitted that “it’s hard to be young, in the spotlight and have a successful relationship.” Both Laurie Harvey and Jordan may have ended their relationship on good terms with each other, as they are reportedly “completely heartbroken.”

So why Laurie Harvey and Michael B. Jordan broke up? Although neither of them has publicly commented on what happened, allegedly the two were at different stages of their lives, and Jordan wanted to take their relationship to the next step, while Harvey was not ready for this level of commitment. Harvey has since deleted all traces of Jordan on her social media accounts, while Jordan was spotted at the second game of the 2022 NBA Finals in San Francisco, although an eyewitness who spoke to E! The news said that the actor “was not in his usual excited state.”

CinemaBlend will continue to report important news about the aftermath of the breakup of Laurie Harvey and Michael B. Jordan. If you’re a fan of the latter’s work, Jordan’s upcoming films include “Creed III” (in which he stars and stars), which will be released on March 3, 2023, and the under—development “I am Legend 2”, in which he will play together. with Will Smith.