Larry Fitzgerald got a new job in sports media


Larry Fitzgerald has never officially announced his retirement from the NFL, but news released Wednesday suggests he’s probably gone for good.

On Wednesday morning, Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reported that Fitzgerald is a new member of the sports media world. According to Marchand, the legendary wide receiver is heading to ESPN.

He also doesn’t wait to get into business. Marchand noted that Fitzgerald will make his debut as a world leader during the ESPN pregame show before the Seattle Seahawks host the Denver Broncos.

Here’s more information from the New York Post:

According to sources, Larry Fitzgerald is joining ESPN. He will take part in “Monday Night Countdown”, the pre-match show “Monday Night Football”. The program already had to look new, as Randy Moss reduced his workload with his new contract just before the ESPN game on Sundays, not Mondays.

Fitzgerald will make his debut on the show before ESPN opens in Seattle on Monday in front of the Broncos-Seahawks.

Fitzgerald will go down in history as one of the best long-range receivers.

Now he is ready for the next challenge.


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