Larry David filmed the death scene in the 11th season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”


Executive producer Jeff Shaffer reveals that Larry David actually filmed the death scene, which was eventually cut from the 11th season of the series “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” The show, which was created by David and in which he plays a fictional version of himself, was originally shown on HBO in 2000. He plays Larry, a television screenwriter, producer and misanthrope who gets into various awkward situations. The show, which has won two Emmy Awards over the years, also features an ensemble cast that includes Cheryl Hines, Jeff Garlin, Susie Essman and J. B. Smoove.

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” originally lasted for 8 seasons, ending in 2011. However, after 6 years, it was relaunched for season 9. Although the show briefly stopped again after that, it returned to the air for a 10th season in 2020 and an 11th season in 2021. Earlier this year, it was announced that the 12th season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is also underway, proving the show’s unrivaled ability to survive against all odds.

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While “Curb Your Enthusiasm” shows no outward signs of slowing down, THR’s recent interview with Shaffer revealed that the people behind the show almost always start the season assuming it will be their last. In fact, they planned and even filmed a scene of Larry’s death, which was supposed to complete the 11th season. In this sequence, the character had to fall into the pool and drown ironically after he refused to erect a fence around his own pool. Read Shaffer’s quote about the scene below:

We shot as if it was the last photo. I should have at least prepared for this.

This one also fit perfectly. We had just emerged from the pool, and one light was shining on it, and the envelope was floating in the middle. And we said: “Well, if we’re going like this, then we’re going like this!”

The death of Larry’s character would certainly be a fitting finale for the 11th season of the series “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” The poisonous sense of humor in the series made it possible to present the character as something like an antihero, allowing the viewer to relate to his opinion, but never really introducing him. him as the right one. Shaw’s willingness to throw his role under the bus would have been perfectly embodied in such a shocking finale.

It is currently unknown when “Curb Your Enthusiasm” will end, although it is now unlikely that the show will end with Larry’s death. Now that Shaffer has let the cat out of the bag, he has removed the unexpected sting that the scene would otherwise have. While a possible series finale is sure to be bittersweet, with a focus on the bitter, they will probably find a whole new way to surprise and terrify the audience. Considering that David is the screenwriter of the infamous finale of the series “Seinfeld”, where the main characters are sent to prison, he certainly has no doubt about the grim denouement.


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