Largest solar power plant in Piauí, South America


Enel Green Power, Enel’s renewable energy subsidiary, began commercial operations for the new section of the São Gonçalo do Gurguéia solar plant in Piauí. The plant is the first of Enel in Brazil to use bifacial solar modules, which capture energy from both sides of the panels. Energy generation is expected to increase by up to 18%.

The expansion, which began to be built in 2019, had an investment of R $ 422 million. The total value of all the expansions made was R $ 1.4 billion. Currently, the São Gonçalo park consists of 2.2 million solar panels and is the largest solar energy field in all of South America.

“Despite the challenges imposed by the current scenario, we have recently started the construction of 1.3 GW of renewable capacity in Brazil, including a new 256 MW section of the São Gonçalo solar park”, said Salvatore Bernabei, CEO of Enel Green Power.

According to a company statement, the inauguration of the plant was brought forward to one year before the bidding won by Enel in 2017. With this operation, Enel has an installed capacity in Brazil of 2.9 GW in renewable energy, of which 1,269 MW in hydroelectric plants, 845 MW in photovoltaic fields and 782 MW in wind power.


Enel also plans to create an electric car charging network in Brazil. The Italian energy company will create its own charging network in urban centers, with 250 charging points in 10 states and 23 cities in the country. The initiative is a partnership with the Estapar parking network.


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