Laptops can come without traditional USB input


If we talk about peripheral connections you will know that most of it is done via USB. It is true that there are many entries with this ending, not to mention the micro versions of these. In addition, the standards have constantly evolved up to version 4.0. And it is at this point where we stop before the imminent arrival of USB C that could displace type A.

The final goodbye to USB A?

It is a fact that manufacturers of any type of electronic device have to evolve. New devices must bring improvements not only at the software level, but also through their hardware. The latter has a direct impact on their design, as well as the internal architecture of the board in terms of connections. And it is that as has happened other times with the integration of ports it is also necessary to change the existing ones.

And this is what will happen soon in the computers of the next few years where we will see the replacement of USB A by USB C. As you can read in the tweet published by the leaker rogame, Intel plans to launch support for the USB versions 0x9A1B, 0x9A1D and 0x9A13. Of the three, none of them is compatible with the USB A version, only with the USB 3.2 and 4 versions, models whose output is destined to the physical USB C that many smartphones mount.

This is something that has happened in other manufacturers such as Apple, where we hardly see a USB A input on their devices. Apple for example is known for making these moves in pursuit of innovation. As for the rest of the manufacturers, their hands may not be caught much with such a common connector. That is, it is most likely that the transition from USB A to full C will be made gradually, including some port of this style so that you can connect your compatible devices.

The imminent arrival of USB C

It is a fact that USB A has its days numbered. Maybe not this year or next, but little by little the USB C will prevail in the market in a total way. In Europe they have it clear with the universal connector for smartphones, but this has yet to reach computers. The inclusion of new drivers is only the beginning to give more possibilities to users, but it is a matter of time to see how these entries disappear.

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