The Landscape Or “Her”? Cande Molfese Makes It Difficult For Us. Where Are You Going To Look?


The landscape or “her”? Cande Molfese makes it difficult for us Where are you going to look? The actress leaves the best of her anatomy in sight for enjoyment.

Cande Molfese has totally confused us with an image on her Instagram: “I want to teleport there 💕✨ ideal Friday to be there 😎 Good Friday for allssss !!!!”, she has commented next to an image that offers us a beach landscape but in the which highlights its contoured rear.

The singer and dancer seems to want to magically reach the beach, although we believe that her followers will want to teleport to another place closer to the anatomy of this beautiful woman. And is that the pose does not give to think otherwise!

Known for her character as Camila Torres, a fun and outgoing girl in the Violetta series, Cande has taken advantage of that initial momentum of her career and has now exploited all her fame on social networks.

And her secret to breaking it in the virtual world has been to show herself as he is: “I really try to show myself genuine. I think that also makes me work (…). Then one tends to show moments of happiness. I recently I uploaded a photo sitting in an armchair doing fuck you. And it is the one that had more likes. (…) But if one day you get up in a bad mood, because it happens to all of us, and you tell it, it humanizes you, “she said Cande in a recent interview.

And so, beautiful, daring and real, Cande Molfese continues to steal the hearts of her followers.

Cleаrly, things аre on the rise for Cande . Fаns wishing to see more of the beаuty should follow her instagram.

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