Landon Clement’s Best Instagram Posts since Her departure from Southern Charm


Landon Clements was the original villain in “Southern Charm,” but wasn’t part of the cast for a while, and fans wondered what the artist was doing. The brunette was coveted by all the boys and questioned by many women during her participation in the show. Fans may remember that Thomas Ravanel even had his eye on her.

Unlike some of her other Bravo personalities, Landon is great at keeping fans up to date with her life. She often posts scenic views of her new home and time spent with her family. But from time to time she has one or two big ads that make viewers of “Southern Charm” follow her latest news.

After leaving Southern Charm, Landon decided to move to the West Coast and took up interior design again for a while. Despite the fact that Landon left the show in 2017, she is still close with many actors. In 2020, Landon attended Austin Kroll’s birthday party and took a picture with the band. The 40-year-old woman is currently dating again, but does not want and does not need to remarry, as she is perfectly happy living the California dream.

Return to the days of Bravo

Landon recently shared memories of her last reunion when she sat on Andy Cohen’s lap. Landon commented that a new season of the popular series is about to begin, and fans should not forget to watch it. a new home for yourself in another place.

Real Estate Guru

Landon shared that she will be working with EV Beverly Hills, a luxury real estate agency. The firm uses an individual approach to finding clients in their ideal homes. Landon has a background in historic preservation at Charleston College and studied interior design at Ralph Lauren Home. To date, Landon has had one sale: A $2.7 million house in Calabasas, California.

Landon returns to his roots

It’s not often that the former Southern Charm star returns to Charleston, but when Landon returns, she visits the beach. Recently, Landon came home and put on her signature look in a white boho dress. She shared photos of visiting her two nieces, who seemed to really like having their aunt around. Although Landon won’t be returning to the series, viewers are still happy to get short moments and news about her new life.


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