Landing Page Replacement Feature Comes to Huawei Browser


Huawei has updated its internet browser Huawei Browser. The update gives the app the ability to change the landing page on demand. Thus, users can now define search engines such as Google or Yandex or a website they visit frequently as landing pages.

Chinese technology giant Huawei has been working to develop its own ecosystem for some time now. As it is known, the company was exposed to the US government’s embargo in May last year. The US government accusing Huawei of spying has banned the Chinese technology manufacturer from working with US-based companies. This ban led Huawei to be deprived of Google in particular.

Smartphone models that Huawei has recently released have no Google Services. The absence of this service on Huawei phones means that users will not be able to use many applications such as Google Play Store, Google Chrome and YouTube. This condemns Huawei to build its own ecosystem, and Huawei is gradually introducing its own apps to consumers.

One of the applications Huawei developed to create its own ecosystem was Huawei Browser. The company offers an advanced internet browser to its customers with this application. Now Huawei has released an update for this app that will make it more enjoyable to use. This update allows Huawei Browser users to manage their homepage.

Now Huawei Browser users will be able to set the browser’s homepage as a website of their choice. You can set your browser’s homepage as your desired website or page with the methods we have just described below.

How to change the home page of Huawei Browser?
If you are using Huawei Browser application, you can customize your homepage as you wish after installing the latest update on your phone. To do this, you need to perform the following operations in order;

Login to Huawei Browser.
Access the “Settings” section.
Enter the “Home Settings” menu.
Touch the “Customize Home” button.
Enter the “Landing Page” section and enter the URL of the website you want to be your home page here.
Restart Huawei Browser for the changes to take effect.


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