Lancet confirms results of Russian Covid-19 vaccine


When Russia announced to the world that it had produced an effective vaccine against Covid-19, many countries were suspicious about this supposed feat. The country had not released enough studies to convince the international community, and even WHO recommended caution during the episode.

A Russian vaccination campaign was even announced for September, involving professionals on the front lines to fight the disease and education professionals.

Now, the science magazine The Lancet has published results involving phases 1 and 2 of the product. And it seems that in these phases Sputnik produced an effective immune response.

The scientific community now criticizes the problems involving large-scale vaccination of a vaccine that has been tested with very limited groups of people. Adding the two phases together, the country led by Putin only used 76 individuals in these studies, which is considered low to measure the side effects of the compound.

Phase 3 would be necessary for large-scale testing and with different profiles of people, diversifying the available data on adverse vaccine reactions.

The Russian vaccine uses modified viruses that carry the genetic material of the coronavirus and induces an immune response in the body. The method is praised by some scientists, who still make the highlights highlighted above about the tests.

The Lancet also shows that in those 76 tested, Sputnik was able to produce an antibody response in the body after 21 days. Some vaccines in the final testing phase work with a period of 5 weeks for the body to be able to produce the same response.

The Russian vaccine will be tested in Brazil as well, and some states are already working to secure technology transfer agreements for its production.


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