Lance Bass and his husband Michael Turchin disagree on when to have more children after the birth of twins


Child #3? Lance Bass and Michael Turchin disagree when it comes to expanding their family.

The Mississippi native went on to say that his 35-year-old husband wants to wait “a couple of years” to have a third child, adding: “He’s like, ‘Can I get some sleep first and then we can decide?’ …I’m like, “Okay.”

The author of The Out of Sync and Turchin welcomed their twins, Alexander and Violet, who are now 6 months old, in October 2021 through a surrogate mother.

“The little dragons have arrived!!” Bass wrote at the time via Instagram. “I can’t express how much love I feel right now. Thank you for all the good wishes. It meant a lot. Now, how do you change a diaper??! Aaaaaah!”

In his post , the artist wrote: “Introducing the new members of the Turchin-Bass family: Violet Betty and Alexander James!!!! They’re pure perfection, and yes, that includes dozens of poo we’ve already dealt with. Our hearts are full!!! Thank you all for the good wishes.”

Since the arrival of the babies, the dancer’s former bandmates have been dating babies.

“All the guys came and saw a guy and a girl,” the creator of Lance Bass Productions told us on Thursday about Chris Kirkpatrick, Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez and Joey Fatone. “That’s great. They’re family. They will remain uncles for them for the rest of their lives.”

The star of “On the Line” noted that “the personalities of Alexander and Violet are beginning to manifest themselves,” saying: “They are still so small, so who knows who they will eventually become. The boy is just… a cute little happy child, and our girl is definitely in charge and makes sure that everything is in order. She will definitely wear trousers in the family.”

Bass and Turchin expect their lives to become “even crazier” when newborns have recently learned to flip over.

“It scares me because I know it means that crawling will be next,” the singer, who married the Florida native in December 2014 in Los Angeles, said of her “mobile” babies. “They’re wonderful.”