“Lana’s Planet” looks like “The Last Guardian with a Cat”


The second day of Summer Games Fest was dedicated to upcoming indie games, celebrated under the slogan “Developers’ Day”, including the debut game by Wishfully Studios called Planet of Lana. From a technical point of view, this was not the first Planet of Lana rodeo, as it was previously shown at last year’s Summer Games Fest, but this time the studio presented a fresh new trailer with new gameplay footage.

The game stands on its own two feet with impressive visuals, an intriguing robot invasion thriller, and a charming cat-like companion, but in fact it was the latter aspect that caught the attention of fans. Recalling “The Last Guardian” and focusing on solving puzzles together between the young protagonist and his mystical, mysterious friend, fans studied these comparisons in anticipation of what to expect from the upcoming game.

History of the Planet Lana

Wishfully Studios was founded in 2018 and started working on its first game, which could become known as Planet of Lana. From the comments to the new trailer, it becomes clear that the game was the fruit of love for him and his team, which was reflected in the charming, almost hand-drawn style and the growing relationship between the two main characters, the titled Lana and her feline companion Mui., which already promises a lot. Although “Lana’s Planet” was demonstrated back in 2021, now it seems that its release date is set for 2022, and it seems that several years of development are about to pay off.

The action of “Planet Lana” takes place in an alien world, once peaceful and harmonious, but plunged into chaos due to the arrival of a faceless army of robots, the creation of which lasted 100 years. As if that ominous beginning wasn’t enough to start the story, the trailer confirms that Lana’s goal at the beginning of the game is to rescue her kidnapped sister. The player will have to take control of both Lana and Mui as they progress through the game, and this will be a refreshing return to companion-based puzzle games that have been overcome by more multiplayer or cooperative games. The last companion game that caught the attention of fans was The Last Guardian, so the two games seem familiar, despite the fact that several years have passed between them.

The trailer shows that Mui, despite the fact that she looks like an ordinary cat, has strange abilities that can control the world and creatures on an alien planet. Little is known about how and why Mui is capable of this, but it is a direct parallel with Tricot, a mysterious creature similar to a bird, a cat and a dog, with whom the protagonist of “The Last Guardian” is paired. Both games tell about the journey of unsuspecting young heroes who embark on grand adventures, relying on the joint efforts of the main character and a companion to make their way through the world and achieve their goals. Curiously, the connections between the games are not limited to general plot moves and game mechanics, as it has been confirmed that The Last Guardian’s music composer, Takeshi Furukawa, is working on music for the game, so perhaps his influence on the project helped the game take the same form.

Although The Last Guardian was well received upon release with praise for its plot and artwork, its gameplay was criticized, Planet of Lana may have to solve these problems if it follows in the footsteps of Tricot. In addition, given that the developers of The Last Guardian Team Ico are no more, and the successors of Team Ico, genDESIGN, hinted at a possible new game, but nothing more, it seems that Planet of Lana should fill the void left by The Last Guardian. This time, the new animal that the players will like will apparently be just a cat. Planet of Lana fans won’t have to wait long to get their hands on the upcoming indie game; it will join the growing list of other indie games due out in 2022.

The release of Planet of Lana is scheduled for 2022 on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.