Lana From Love Island Is Upset Because of a Wardrobe Malfunction in Front of Everyone


One of the new favorites of the fans of “Love Island”, Lana Jenkins, suffered from an annoying wardrobe malfunction, and at the most inopportune moment, when she was dancing with another islander, in front of the rest of the actors.

In order for the islanders to get to know each other, a number of tasks were set at the beginning of “Love Island 2023”, which is broadcast on ITV2.

Fans have already chosen a favorite, namely Lana and Ron, but Lana’s journey to Love Island did not start in the best way.

Lana’s shameful accident with a skirt on Love Island

Despite being paired with Ron, Lana chose Shaka Muhummad when she was assigned to perform “the lap dance for the islander that you like the most.”

But just a few moments later, the audience forgot about her unexpected decision, as she had an accident right after the start of the dance.

“My skirt tore right in the middle of the crack,” she explained later.


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Perhaps because she was able to brush it off so well, viewers instead redirected their attention to her decision to choose Shaq as the islander she “likes the most.”

“Aren’t we going to talk about how she chose Shaq as the islander she likes the most?” one commenter asks.

“I was so confused about why she chose shaq, and I felt bad when her skirt tore,” another viewer said, but a fan replied that the skirt cut was “karma” for her decision.

As for Shaq, he is currently dating Tanya Manhenga, so it remains to be seen what will come out of this incident.


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