Lana Del Rey Talks About Performance So Criticized on “Saturday Night Live” 2012


Lana Del Rey was the buzz of the moment in 2012, with the success of the single “Video Games”, which introduced her to the world. It was then that the singer was invited to sing on Saturday Night Live – an opportunity to become massive once and for all – and the performance didn’t work out. Lana received harsh criticism for her performance and had to deal with all kinds of negative sentencing.

The subject came up again in her cover story for the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine. She and Elton John recorded a conversation for the publication and the singer touched on the theme: “I watched and it wasn’t that bad,” he said. “It wasn’t terrible!” She agreed, “the strange thing is that this was the night, all my life introducing me, when I wasn’t nervous. I remember the intention I had. Looking back, there was a more eccentric performative approach. I was thinking of Maria Callas, or someone dark. ”

Elton John says she was very young and was placed in that position too early in her career. Lana then remembers that this was really a matter for people. “The funny thing is, I was running out of arena tickets a year earlier. That’s how the guy from the show heard about me, because he thought, ‘It’s strange, this girl is crowding arenas, and there’s only two songs.’ ”

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