Lamborghini Huracan and Aventador SVJ drag race


Lamborghini is known for its super cars. The drag race, which is held to see which of the company’s super cars is better, almost wipes the eyes.

One of the first supercar companies that almost everyone with an interest in cars will count will be the Italian Lamborghini. When it comes to speed and pure engine power, the company always finds itself at the top of the lists.

So how is the situation between the company’s own vehicles? When Aventador vs Huracan clash, which one will rank higher in performance? While there are various ways to find the answer to this question, one YouTube channel chose the most fun way: Drag racing.

Okay, where’s the ESC?

Among Lamborghini’s own cars, the Aventador SVJ and Huracan Performante are at the top of the food chain. These two cars are, according to many, the firm’s two most powerful super cars. Naturally, they are very popular and valuable cars.

Carwow pits these cars against each other in a drag race in his new video. In the video that begins like a Guy Ritchie movie, which tells the story of two buddies who stole luxury cars but don’t even know how to drive them, we first learn how to operate the vehicles. Then we see two speed monsters on the track.

The renewed Aventador SVJ has a naturally aspirated L539 V12 engine. The maximum power of the vehicle can provide 759 horsepower and 720 Nm of traction. With a total weight of 1525 kilograms, the vehicle has a 0.5 horsepower / weight ratio.

Huracan ambitious on departure

The Huracan Performante has a smaller engine compared to its rival. The 5.2-liter V10 engine of the car has natural ventilation and can produce 631 horsepower, with traction power of 601 Nm. Although the Huracan seems more disadvantageous in terms of numbers, it is 20 kilograms lighter than its rival and is famous for its take-off performance.

Will the Huracan be able to beat its rival in this 400-meter drag race despite its engine power disadvantage? Which will be the first car to see the checkered flag? You can find the answer to this question in the video below.


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