Lamborghini and Segway launch electric kart for $ 1,500


Segway Ninebot entered into a partnership with Lamborghini to create a kart-shaped race car, the Ninebot GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition. The new go-kart is mounted on a miniature two-wheel electric scooter from Ninebot, which can be removed from the base and used independently.

Although it is a vehicle mounted on a scooter, the kart with an estimated price of US $ 1,474 offers, according to Xiaomi’s description (which is selling the product), “classic Lamborghini elements”, represented by the iconic yellow paint or the characteristic rear wing of a race car. The Chinese tech giant has already debuted the Ninebot GoKart Pro in China.

What is it like to drive a Ninebot GoKart Pro?

Regarding the driving ability, the little one promises strong emotions, with the inclusion of resources for drifting and running, such as custom rear tires and four different driving modes, selectable by application.

But the great feeling of driving the kart is due to its speaker system that, in addition to playing music with its Bluetooth features, can simulate the roar of a racing car engine, allowing the driver to choose the sound of a Lamborghini V10, Huracán, V12 or the epic Aventador.

When it was launched last August, in a limited edition to commemorate the ten years of Xiaomi (which owns part of the company), production ran out as soon as sales were opened. With the results, Segway Ninebot is planning to sell the GoKart in the United States and the European Union.

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