Lamar Jackson told why he liked the tweet about dolphins: fan reaction


Lamar Jackson’s social media activities have always been under the microscope. But given the situation with his contract with the Baltimore Ravens, people want to know why he liked a recent tweet hinting at a desire to join the Miami Dolphins.

The 2019 NFL MVP recently liked a tweet showing him wearing a Dolphins T-shirt. People quickly took it as a sign that he wanted to leave Baltimore, even if he didn’t want to go specifically to the Dolphins.

But in a recent appearance on the GoJo Show, Jackson said it was a joke. He explained that the tweet was liked to make fun of fans who think he wants to leave Baltimore.

“(Baltimore) is a great organization. It’s a friendly organization and I like being here. I’ve already tweeted that this is where I want to be,” Jackson said. “So now I see things like, ‘Oh, he wants to leave.’ And I’m like, “Yes, because I see that you all continue in the same spirit…” Well, I’m going to reproduce it, and I liked something. It’s just me taking my pictures on social media because they like doing it, I think.”

Ravens fans appreciated the good joke, while other fans believe that what he did can now be blown out of recognition:

The Ravens and Lamar Jackson are currently deadlocked in contract extension negotiations. There were rumors that Jackson would play out the final year of his contract before becoming a free agent next offseason.

Regardless of whether it’s true or not, Jackson has no problem having a laugh.


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