Lala Kent Gets Boob Job After Randall Emmett’s Random Split: I Want “My Groove Back”


Almost three months after sharing her plastic surgery plans, Lala Kent revealed that she is getting a job in honor of a vacation release in the paperback of her memoir, Give Them Lala.

“I want to celebrate. I’m going into surgery to have my boobs done on Friday,” VanderPump star Prene, 31, said on Monday, April 18, episode of “behind the Velvet Rope.” “I’ll be down a little bit, but the second one that I work for and they have, I’ll be taking my new boobs to celebrate my national bestselling book.”

Utah native noted that she wanted to force her breast implants to be redone for a while,” adding: “When I was pregnant [with my daughter, Ocean], oh, my gosha, they were so huge and amazing! Other moms told me, “This baby sucks the life out of them.” … I’m just willing to get them there, maybe a little more. I’m going to get my groove back.

In January, Bravo’s first personality first talked about her plastic surgery plans.

“Underneath it, it may sound like how I get my boobs for men, but it’s my boobs doing it for me,” the reality star said on “Give them Lala,” noting that she had already had a consultation for the procedure.

“Once I get my boobs done, I probably won’t be [ready for today for today] anyway, but I’m excited for it for me because it feels like giving up back,” Beauty creator Lala told them at the time. “There’s nothing hotter than a hot mom.”

Kent’s comments came three months after she announced her split from Randall Emmett, with whom she shares her 13-month-old daughter.

The former couple took over in 2018, the same year that they went public with their relationship. The duo postponed their wedding ceremony several times amid the Coronavirus pandemic before calling, she points to the defeat of the rumors.

Kent felt “disposable” at the end of her relationship, she told podcast listeners in December 2021.

“Every day I learn something new that makes me feel [Like], ‘Lala’, you were so disposable all the time. You didn’t mean anything. … You were a possession, a brilliant object and nothing more than that. “And I have to be okay with that,” the actress explained at the time. “To find out what I’m learning and try to just keep my F-king mouth shut, don’t say a word about what I know, it can get excruciating.”

Emmett has not responded to the allegations, but said in March “sincerely G.G.” that he would never “speak ill” about his ex.

“She is the mother of my child. No matter what happens in life, I will never humiliate myself… she’s because she’s an ocean mom,” he explained at the time.

Kent and Emmett, who is also the father of daughters London, 12, and Riley, 8, with ex-wife Ambire Childers, are now a “parallel parent,” she told Watch See Cohen, which will happen live audience earlier this month. Kent stated on April 11 that she was “trying to go to zero contact” with the director.