Lala Kent claims that Randall Emmett offered her $14,000 to keep the affair a secret, he claims that she is responsible for exposing


Lala Kent and Randall Emmett at the MTV “The Hills: New Beginnings” party at the Liaison Restaurant and Lounge in Los Angeles, June 19, 2019. Matt Baron/Shutterstock

New charges. Lala Kent claimed that Randall Emmett’s ex tried to pay her to keep their relationship a secret in the early days of their romance.

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The 31-year-old “Vanderpump Rules” star made the statement in a lengthy expose by the 51-year-old producer published by the Los Angeles Times on Thursday, June 30. The Bravo personality told the publication that Emmett wanted her to sign a non-disclosure agreement for the romantic days that began when the movie mogul was still legally married to Amber Childers.

The producers of Bravo wanted to demonstrate Kent’s relationship in the fifth season of The Rules of Pomp, which began filming in the summer of 2016. The author of “Give Them Lala” and her mother, Lisa Berningham, were allegedly supposed to meet with Emmett’s lawyer Keith Davidson to discuss how the novel was developing. it could be shown on the show.

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According to Kent, Davidson presented her with an agreement stating that she would receive a $14,000 payout in exchange for keeping quiet about her relationship with the Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films co-founder.

“I said, ‘We’re done,'” Berningham told the newspaper, adding that she and her daughter had left the office.

Davidson told the Times he could not discuss the situation due to attorney-client confidentiality. Meanwhile, a person close to Emmett claimed that Kent and Burningham’s report was inaccurate.

The article also contains numerous allegations of workplace abuse and sexual harassment, as well as claims that Emmett’s production company has serious debts. The Florida native, who denied the allegations through a spokesperson, told the newspaper that he believed his ex-wife was responsible for the allegations contained in the story.

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“These allegations are false and are part of a familiar smear campaign organized by Randall’s ex—fiancee to influence their custody dispute,” Emmett’s representative Sally Hofmeister said.

The founder of Give Them Lala Beauty and the director, who broke up in October 2021, have a daughter Ocean, 15 months. The former couple got engaged in 2018 and were supposed to get married in April 2020, but postponed the wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In October 2021, Emmett was spotted at a hotel in Nashville with two women. Two months later, Kent said the photos were the reason she decided to change her “Rand” tattoo to “bRand new.”

At that time, the Utah native did not specify the rumors of infidelity, but hinted that she turned a blind eye to some things. “Unfortunately for me, my head was in the sand,” she said in the December 2021 issue of her podcast “Give Them Lala.” “I don’t know how the hell I haven’t seen a lot of this shit.”

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