Lala Kent Claims Randall Emmett’s Ex “Solved” Her Fraud Allegations In New Interview


The spit hit the fan, so to speak, in the relationship between Vanderpump Rules alumni Lala Kent and her fiance Randall Emmett last October. Rumors of infidelity had been circulating about the latter for a long time, but they did not begin to gain momentum until images of him with two other women in Nashville, Tennessee appeared on the Internet. Shortly after, Kent called off their three-year engagement and confirmed that Emmett had been cheating on her. However, in a new interview, the reality TV star claims a little more, namely that her ex “grabbed” her when faced with the accusations.

Lala Kent sheds light on ex-fiance’s behavior

A Los Angeles Times expose titled “The Man Who Played in Hollywood: Inside Randall Emmett’s Crumbling Empire” castigates the infamous producer for his reportedly sketchy business and personal actions. Speaking to the publication, Lala Kent said that after the photos from Nashville fell, she confronted Emmett, which led to a kind of confrontation over viewing the contents of his phone. Then the mother of Emmett’s youngest child took the camera anyway to inspect it, despite his protests. Obviously, this led to a tense situation when she stated:

He ran after me, grabbed me and threw me to the ground. I used every ounce of strength to pull him away from me while he tried to pull him out of my arms. … It was then that I knew for sure that he was hiding a lot.

The alleged quarrel was confirmed by five other people, to whom Lala Kent told about it after the fact. However, Randall Emmett denied that it became physical, as she claims, and offered his testimony from his babysitter Isabel Morales, who was there when it all happened. Morales testified that she only saw Emmett “taking his phone from Lala,” but “neither one nor the other was on the ground.”

Details about BTS incidents with Randall Emmett

In addition to the statement of claim, the Bravo TV presenter claimed that Randall Emmett wanted her to sign a non-disclosure agreement back in 2016. She was mulling over how to resolve their on-screen relationship as Bravo was trying to document it for Vanderpump rules, but at the time Emmett was still technically with his previous wife Amber Childers, dating Kent (presumably unbeknownst to Kent).

He sent the young star along with her mother Lisa Berningham to his lawyer Keith Davidson. During the meeting, she claims that Davidson stated that if she signed an agreement to keep the relationship secret, she would receive $14,000. Berningham told The Times that they left immediately: “I said:”We’re done.””

After that, the couple allegedly broke up for a short time, but apparently they were together again until the recent cheating scandal surfaced. The publication reports that harassing younger women and then paying them for signed non-disclosure agreements was part of Randall Emmett’s apparent mission. One anonymous woman even turned to the publication with accusations that Emmett sought sexual services in exchange for roles in his films.

What did the Vanderpump star say after the breakup

Randall Emmett’s financial problems were also discussed in detail in the report, which allegedly includes a $10 million lawsuit brought against him recently. Lala Kent previously addressed the situation, saying that after the breakup, people called her left and right to “collect money” that Emmett allegedly still owed them. She also shared more details about his alleged infidelity. The 31-year-old woman claimed at the time that when she left Emmett with their daughter Ocean in tow, he “threatened to call the police” if the child was not returned. It wasn’t until she returned and he eventually felt “in control again” that Kent felt comfortable enough to leave for good.

In the 9th season of Vanderpump Rules (now it is fully broadcast on Peacock Premium), viewers saw Randall Emmett on the Bravo screen for the first time. That was before the cheating allegations were officially made, but even so, some of the comments Lala Kent was making at the time seemed to hint that she expected the relationship wouldn’t last long. Since then, the reality show has been given the green light for next season, and although Kent is due to return, it’s unlikely that Emmett will do it again, given the circumstances.