Lala Kent broke off her relationship with Tom Schwartz because she was hanging out with Randall Emmett


The plot continues to thicken — if Bravo returns the “Vanderpump Rules” in season 10. Reflecting on the reaction of her colleagues to her breakup with Randall Emmett, Lala Kent called on the Volumes for a lack of support.

“I would say the most supportive, Katie and Sheana,” the 31—year-old author of “Give Them Lala” said on the aftershow “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” on Monday, April 11, referring to Katie Maloney and Sheana Shay. “The least supportive, [Tom] Sandoval hasn’t even asked me yet, for example, if I’m okay or even admitted it. And I found out that [Tom] Schwartz was hanging out with this man the other day, so I cut him out.”

Kent, who accused Emmett of infidelity during their relationship, noted that she is “not one of those people who say, for example: “You have to choose someone’s side,” but in this situation, if you don’t choose my side or you stay Switzerland, they say, I don’t want to have anything to do with you.”

When Andy Cohen mentioned the revelation made by Lisa Vanderpump at the Season 9 reunion regarding the 51-year-old producer, Kent wasn’t sure if the SUR boss was no longer in touch with him. “I do not know if she has seen him lately,” she said. “I know that when everything was happening, he was trying to contact her.”

Kent and Emmett, who have a 13-month-old daughter Ocean, separated in October 2021. She has since claimed he cheated on her when she was pregnant, but he has yet to comment publicly on the allegations. Most recently, in the Pump Rules universe, 39-year-old Schwartz and 35-year-old Maloney announced their divorce, and the former SURver filed for divorce earlier this month.

“I think when someone keeps not choosing you, and it’s easy – you’re a wife — then it’s like, ‘We treat you well,'” Kent told Cohen about their breakup.

When asked if she was “surprised” by the news of the divorce, the host of the podcast “Give Them Lala” replied: “Yes, I thought Schwartz would come to the table a little, but he still hasn’t come, so it’s very eloquent.”

Unlike her relationship with Emmett, Kent added that the band was not forced to choose between a couple who still live together, preparing to sell their house.

“I don’t feel like either of us chose a side, it wasn’t a mess, but obviously if we had to choose a side, I would always choose Katie,” Kent told Cohen.

Maloney, for her part, gave a new interview about the breakup earlier this week.

“He didn’t even know what it looked like to work on something. I think in his head [it] was like, “OK, I think it’s going to be a fleeting thing for her.” She just needed to say something.” I think he thought I’d just get over it or something,” she said on the “We Met At Acme” podcast, telling Schwartz she was unhappy in their marriage. “And after a couple of weeks, I decided that I wanted to get a divorce. …I think he realized that I was serious, and I meant it, and that there was nothing he could do at the moment—even if he didn’t necessarily agree with it or wanted it— but he wasn’t going to. fight me.”