Lakers And Nets “Interested” In Donovan Mitchell Amid Trade Talks Between Jazz And Knicks


Just when we thought the wild trade rumors had come to an end with the recent Kevin Durant Brooklyn Nets news, an eye-popping report came out on Tuesday. Sports radio host John Gambadoro shared the news about Donovan Mitchell’s trade front. He also named two unexpected potential contenders for the Mitchell Lottery.

“A couple of things about Donovan Mitchell,” Gambadoro tweeted. “The Hawks, Heat and Kings are NOT interested contrary to reports. The Knicks can still offer a better package, but other teams are also interested: Cleveland, Washington, Charlotte, Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn. And no Jazz has ever asked for 7 peaks of the 1st round!”

We accept this rumor with disbelief. Gambadoro is a radio host from Arizona, and his sources are unclear. Nevertheless, he is a proven athletic figure, and one would think that he is not pulling these rumors out of thin air.

But the chances of the Los Angeles Lakers or Brooklyn Nets getting Donovan Mitchell are slim. Would both teams like to get a Utah Jazz superstar? Sure.

But the Lakers probably don’t have the assets to make that happen. A three-team deal involving Russell Westbrook could lead to Mitchell moving to the Lakers… but that’s an unlikely scenario.

Meanwhile, the Nets seem happy with what the trio of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons can achieve in 2022-2023. So they can ask about Mitchell, but it would be amazing to see them pull the trigger on a deal.

Gambadoro also lists Cleveland. Washington and Charlotte, as well as other interested teams. But, as he stated before listing these teams, the Knicks do have a better exchange package. Thus, New York stands out as the most reasonable destination for Donovan Mitchell if he is traded.


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