Laguna Beach: Jason Wahler will be a guest on the upcoming Rewatch podcast


Laguna Beach: The real bad guy of Orange County, Jason Wahler, recently stopped by the upcoming podcast with a replay of “Back to the Beach with Kristin and Steven.” Jason’s debauchery was first introduced in the show’s second season after two-thirds of the first season’s love triangle, Lauren “LC” Conrad and Stephen Colletti, moved to San Francisco to attend college. It was then that Kristin Cavallari gained queen bee status at Laguna Beach High School, while mostly managing her best friend Jessica Smith’s relationship with Jason, who was often seen flirting with girls from other groups. Jason’s incessant style in a plain white T-shirt, similar to James Dean or Marlon Brando, did not contribute to his rebellious reputation. The intonation in Kristin’s voice when she says “Jessica”, at any mention of Jason’s name from the lips of a teenager in love, is still audible today.

In the second season, episode 2, “He can’t be Trusted”, Kristin, Jessica and Alex Hoozer drive around wondering if Jason is cheating on Jessica. They joke that Kristin is the female version of Jason because of her previous history of cheating. After Jessica explains how Jason made her believe he wasn’t cheating on her, Kristin tells her friend: “Jessica, I’m telling you from a man who cheated on her boyfriend. These are signs that he is cheating.” The couple will call it “dunzo” in Season 2, Episode 6, “I Hate Valentine’s Day” after Jason told Jessica that he didn’t think they could be friends like before, after her obsession with him reached boiling point and his wandering eyes immediately attracted the attention of Alex Murrell in the next episode. Jason was going to take Cami Edwards from Season 3 to prom with him, and by the end of the season he had a brief affair with LC until he kissed Jessica at a charity fashion show that LC organized right in front of her, but he was “still sorry”.

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According to E! News, Jason stopped on the podcast after noticing Kristin and Jason’s Instagram posts with the same photo, which also had Steven on it. The Very Cavallari star captioned the photo “Shenanigans” outside her Nashville estate. Jason portrayed himself as a bad guy, captioning his post “nothing good…”. The women-oriented podcast network Dear Media commissioned a series of 40 reruns featuring former lovers Kristin and Steven talking about the series, which aired on MTV for three seasons from September 2004 to November 2006.

Kristin, Steven and Jason appeared in different roles in the additional LC series “The Hills”, which aired on MTV for six seasons from May 2006 to July 2010. The last time Kristin and Jason appeared in the series “The Hills: A New Beginning”, which was canceled. after two seasons in January 2022. The former bad boy struggled with an addiction to alcohol, and also appeared in the 4th season of “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” in 2010. He remains committed to sobriety, detailing his personal recovery path after relapse on his website. Jason married hairdresser Ashley Slack in 2013, and since then they have two children in 2017 and 2021.

According to Dear Media’s website, it positions itself as “the first [podcast] network dedicated to strong female voices.” As a fan of Laguna Beach and a personal connoisseur of the series, who came of age on the California coast during the filming of the series, it will be curious if they celebrate the graduates of the third season of Rachel Swimmer, who subsequently made a name for herself. for myself professionally as a porn actress, entrepreneur and sex columnist Tasha Rain. The series often focused on the talents of the more popular stars of the show, such as LC, Kristin, Lo Bosworth and Lexi Contoursi; “Going Back to the Beach with Kristin and Steven” may decide to highlight the eclectic talents of all the strong female cast members who have left the series. Anyway, I hope Jason takes this opportunity to apologize for being a womanizer.