Laetitia Hallyday: Jade Hallyday in skirt on Instagram!


Jade Hallyday shared one of her looks on Instagram last night! Laeticia’s daughter has a great style with this pretty skirt!

Jade Hallyday is a hit on Instagram! Indeed, the eldest Laeticia has a nice little style that she shares with us on Instagram.

The young woman has always been in the spotlight! Indeed, when you have such a famous family, it’s hard not to become a star!

Thus, from her adoption in 2004, Jade Hallyday often made the front page of magazines with her mom and her late dad. The latter also has trouble mourning the singer …

Indeed, between the fans, the inheritance wars and the posthumous albums, Laeticia’s daughter is not spared … She decides to do things her way!

According to her mom, Jade Hallyday and her sister listen to Johnny’s songs and slip little words under her pillow… Very touching gestures!


Regardless, Jade Hallyday is growing and managing her image in her own way! So she has her Instagram account like most girls her age!

On the social network, she shares her life and her looks! We love it, don’t you?

As soon as you get to the famous account, you can see a tribute to her dad in her bio. Really adorable !

And Jade Hallyday already has a great community! Indeed, it is followed by more than 113,000 subscribers! A pretty figure!

Thus, she reveals herself more and more woman and fashionista! Last night for example, she posted a series of photos in which she appears in a skirt, sweatshirt and big platform shoes! Too beautiful !

In one of the pictures, we can see her accompanied by a certain Tristan with whom she shows herself very often lately … Is this her BFF or her sweetheart?

To be continued …


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