Laeticia Hallyday worries with this poem on drunkenness!


Is Laeticia Hallyday in a bad spot? The young woman shocked her fans by sharing an alarming message on Instagram!

Laeticia Hallyday posted a very disturbing message on Instagram! The star evoked drunkenness with a famous poem by Baudelaire. So, is the young woman at its worst since her return to America? We tell you everything!

Laeticia Hallyday is still at the heart of a strange rumor! Indeed, the pretty blonde sowed panic this Monday on Instagram. The reason ? A strange poem which could well translate his current malaise!

The young mother has just returned to Los Angeles. And the latter has decided to publish an enigmatic text to say the least!

Laeticia Hallyday shared the famous poem “Get drunk” by Charles Baudelaire via her story. We can then read some disturbing passages!

” You must always be drunk. It’s all there: that’s the only question. In order not to feel the horrible burden of Time which breaks your shoulders and bends you towards the earth, you must get drunk without respite. ”

Internet users were therefore very afraid when they discovered this story by Laeticia Hallyday. So, would the star sound an alarm bell?


Everything could lead to believe that Johnny’s widow has been in low spirits for several days. Indeed, her darling Jalil Lespert was not allowed to follow her to California.

But that’s not all ! Laeticia Hallyday would also be cold with her eldest daughter Jade. What to ask questions!

Many Internet users sent messages to the pretty blonde. Indeed, the latter are afraid of seeing the young mother sink into a depression.

So, real discomfort, or a simple passion for Baudelaire’s poetry? The mystery remains unsolved!

Fortunately, Laeticia Hallyday can count on her friends in Los Angeles. And the latter should very soon find the smile even far from her man!


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