Laeticia Hallyday: Will her daughter Jade be a model?


On her social networks, Jade Hallyday, daughter of Laeticia Hallyday, has proven that she already has everything to become a future model

Very often, the children of stars follow the lineage of their parents. Indeed, children of actors often try to become like them in the future. But this is also the case for the sons and daughters of artists. This is why we would have thought that Jade Hallyday, daughter of Laeticia Hallyday, could have turned to singing, like her late father.

Well it is not. At least for the moment. Indeed, the young girl seems rather to turn to a modeling career. It must be said that this is THE fashionable profession of recent years and social networks have a lot to do with it.

Indeed, like many girls of her age, that of Laeticia Hallyday follows many influencers who have become, or were, models on Insta. We are of course talking about Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, or even her sister Bella to name a few.

This is why, we suspect that by following these people, we may want to become like them. Travel the world to pose for the biggest brands and become famous.

But as we let you know, the daughter of Laeticia Hallyday seems rather well on the way for that.


Indeed, Purepeople noticed that Jade had spent the day with her friend Tristan Garnier Labadie. The two did several activities to spend the afternoon before playing models.

Laeticia Hallyday’s daughter posing for Tristan’s lens in an all-white outfit. A lace top and wide leg pants, worn with gray Air Jordans. If some do not follow the account of the young man, know that you can still see the rendering of this shooting.

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Jade posting a photo and video from this afternoon on her own Insta account. Just to prove to her fans that she has everything to become the hot new star of the moment.

It remains to be seen whether Laeticia Hallyday will validate this career choice? Or if she will prefer to redirect her towards a voice that is “wiser” for her. Far from rhinestones and sequins.


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