Laeticia Hallyday: What does Christmas with Jalil look like?


Laeticia Hallyday is very happy to celebrate her first Christmas with her new darling Jalil Lespert! Here are more details!

On social networks, Laeticia Hallyday showed that she was ecstatic. She celebrates her first Christmas with Jalil Lespert.

While she broke up with Pascal Balland a few months ago, Laeticia Hallyday has already fallen madly in love with another man.

Eh yes ! Jade and Joy’s mother fell in love with actor and director Jalil Lespert. So this is what our colleagues here revealed two months ago.

Their relationship, which started with social media posts, ended with a great love story. So much so that today they never leave each other!

They first spent confinement together in the countryside. Subsequently, they went to Saint Barth. And now they even spend their first Christmas together.

It was on their Instagram accounts that they proudly displayed themselves. Laeticia Hallyday is happier than ever. This Thursday, December 24, the mother of Jade and Joy Hallyday has therefore shared several images of her evening.


And according to the pictures, Jalil was even accepted by those close to Laeticia Hallyday! Starting with her best friend Hélène Darroze. But also by Tess Rambaldi, the daughter of Pierre Rambaldi. And finally by Marie Poniatowski.

Jalil Lespert hasn’t shared much on his Instagram profile despite being very present there in everyday life. So this proves that he savored every moment with his sweetheart and loved ones.

In a boomerang shared in his Instagram story, he showed Laeticia Hallyday’s Christmas sweater. So the couple have a lot of humor!

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