Laeticia Hallyday upset by an assaulted mother!


Laeticia Hallyday was upset by the testimony of a young mother attacked! She therefore supported him on Instagram!

Laeticia Hallyday has the heart on the hand! And she has yet to prove it by supporting a young mother on the Web.

Laeticia Hallyday is very active on social networks. Indeed, the star loves to share her daily life with her fans on Instagram.

Johnny’s widow has a huge community behind her. She has more than 460,000 subscribers who follow her adventures on a daily basis. Unbelievable !

The pretty blonde takes advantage of her notoriety to help others. Indeed, the star never hesitates to talk about the causes close to her heart. It is therefore not uncommon to see engaged posts on his page.

Yesterday, Laeticia Hallyday was overwhelmed by the story of Amélie Challeat. The young mother suffered a violent assault in her apartment building while she was with her premature daughter.

The young woman therefore delivered a poignant account of her experience. The latter appeals to Internet users to help her get an appointment to file a complaint against her attacker.

Amélie accompanies her message with a photo of her swollen face following her assault. A cliché that shocked Internet users and Laeticia Hallyday!


As a young mother, Laeticia Hallyday could not bear the violence of Amélie’s assault. So the star was quick to share her story to lend her support.

The top shared a nice message via her story. She writes: “Amélie’s testimony is poignant. It freezes my blood. Power and courage. We send you a lot of love and support. ”

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Once again, the star is proving she has a big heart. Indeed, she did not hesitate to take her time to help the young mother.

Johnny’s widow is currently on vacation with her sweetheart. But that does not prevent him from supporting causes that are close to his heart!

Laeticia Hallyday is not the only star to be in shock! Indeed, her former beautiful daughter Laura Smet was also upset by the story of the young mother.

Thanks to the support of Internet users and peoples, Amélie Challeat has succeeded in making her voice heard. And the mother will be able to continue her fight with justice.

The young woman also made Marlène Schiappa and Gerald Darmanin react. We hope that his story can help things move forward!

For her part, Laeticia Hallyday continues to follow the case from Saint Barth. And the star will continue to support Amélie in her fight even thousands of kilometers away.

A beautiful gesture of solidarity that risks touching the mother and her relatives!


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