Laeticia Hallyday unites for Johnny’s dad!


According to “RTL Info”, Laeticia and David Hallyday are both obviously determined to save his burial place of Johnny’s father!

Laeticia Hallyday has decided to act! Just like David. Upon learning that Johnny’s father’s grave might disappear from a Belgian cemetery, they both assured RTL Info that his burial would have a concession renewal.

In recent years, Laeticia Hallyday’s daily life has not been easy. In 2017, the businesswoman had to deal with the disappearance of her husband Johnny Hallyday.

Subsequently, she also had to wage a legal battle against the elders of the rocker over the latter’s will. Since then, water has flowed under the bridges.

Last I heard, the two sides have more or less found common ground. “We had to renew the dialogue. I am delighted that we have finally arrived there (…) “, Laeticia Hallyday told” Paris Match “last year.

But also: “I suffered a lot. If we could have sat around a table, with empathy and compassion, I’m sure we could have solved the problem much sooner. ”

A few days ago, the Hallyday clan again learned some very sad news. According to “RTL Info”, some Brussels residents noticed that the burial place of Johnny’s father (in the Schaerbeek cemetery) had received a notice of decommissioning.

” It’s shocking. He is the only person from the Smet family who is buried with us, “said Michel, whose parents have known Léon Smet in the past.


Unsurprisingly, Laeticia Hallyday was very shocked by this info. Same story with David!

They both assured “RTL Info” that Léon Smet’s grave will not budge. The renewal of the concession will be carried out soon.

“The vault will always be there. Peace to his soul “, thus confided the brother of Laura Smet to the famous media which was not aware of what was going on.

Asked about this, Laeticia Hallyday did not hide her emotion. “It touches me a lot,” also delivered the mother of Jade and Joy. “And I am very sensitive to it.”

In the process, she also confided that the rocker had organized the funeral of his father himself in 1989. Yet during their lifetime, the two men did not always get along well.

“Despite the trauma of his childhood and the abandonment of his father (…). He had forgiven her and took care of organizing everything, “said the star.

Also according to “RTL Info”, Laeticia Hallyday will do everything to ensure that the grave of Léon Smet is not abandoned. To be continued !