Laeticia Hallyday: this common passion that unites them!


Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert never leave each other. Here is more about this great passion that unites them!

It seems that Laeticia Hallyday has found her new love! She’s crazy about Jalil Lespert! A great passion unites them!

This summer, Laeticia Hallyday realized that her relationship with Pascal Balland was not that strong. That’s exactly why she broke up with him.

She had therefore declared: “There, I separated. A difficult separation from a man who had come into my life ”. Even worse ! She described her story with the restorer as a “dressing relationship”:

“But it was more of a bandage. Johnny is still there. Johnny’s place is still very present. It is not easy. We are often a three-way couple ”.

A few weeks later, Laeticia Hallyday had the chance to fall in love again! Eh yes ! Imagine that she fell for Jalil Lespert.

They began by developing an epistolary relationship. Then quickly, the two lovebirds fell in love with each other.


So they declared their love on Instagram. Then they left for Rome where they got a tattoo together. One thing is certain, Laeticia Hallyday is totally gaga!

She even spent the second confinement in the countryside, face to face with Jalil. Then they then went to Saint-Barth to have a good time …

But also to meditate on the tomb of Taulier for the three years of his death. Their love passion seems so strong!

So that Laeticia Hallyday has even been validated by her family. Ferial, the director’s sister said: “We have never seen him so happy! They love each other like teenagers! ”

Farida, her mother added: “Jalil Lespert and Laeticia Hallyday make me feel like they are back to 18.”


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