Laeticia Hallyday sends a tender message to a football star!


On the social network Instagram, Laeticia Hallyday sent a beautiful message to a footballer. Find out why!

A great footballer friend of Laeticia Hallyday announced a very difficult decision. On her Instagram account, the pretty blonde sent her a nice message.

It’s over for Yohan Cabaye! At 35, the footballer hangs up his crampons and says goodbye to the ball. Indeed, the athlete made the decision to end his career.

It must be said that Yohan Cabaye had not signed a new contract since the end of his adventure with AS Saint-Etienne last summer. So, Laeticia Hallyday’s friend has decided not to set foot on the lawn again.

So it was on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, this Saturday, February 20, that he announced to the sad news to his fans. Watch out for the faint of heart, this is a touching speech.

“It is with great emotion that after more than 17 years of passion, of love for football,” he began. But also “emotions greater than each other, memories that will remain forever engraved in my memory”

As well as “human and sporting encounters that I am announcing the end of my football career. “Besides, Laeticia Hallyday’s great friend didn’t stop there.

He also added: “This decision may seem obvious to some, logical and inevitable after 35 years in the world of football. However, it remains very difficult to take and accept because my love for football is immense. ”

Laeticia Hallyday sends a tender message to a football star


This beautiful message did not leave Laeticia Hallyday indifferent. On the contrary, Jade and Joy’s mother was very touched. So she wanted to send her thoughts to him.

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Thus, the pretty blonde of 45 years wrote: “Congratulations on this great career, you are one of a Kind, respect and admiration. »A message that could only please the athlete!

In any case, Laeticia Hallyday is not the only one to have reacted. Indeed, Yohan Cabaye got a lot of support under his post. It must be said that he is very courageous!

“A great example a great player. Well done for this great Amigo career. And I still wish you the best for the future 🙌👏 🎩 off ❤️ ”such is what Adlene Guedioura wrote to her.

Massadio Haïdara, him, declared: “Thank you to you, a career at the height of the person that you are 💪🏾🙏🏾👍🏾. Good continuation for the future, a new life begins 😁 ”Yes!

In fact, Blaise Matuidi wrote him a note as well. “Yo my respects, happy to have been able to share so many moments with you. (…) Enjoy this new life which will be just as radiant, if not more with your beautiful little family. ” So cute !


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