Laeticia Hallyday sending touching message to Johnny?


In Story of her Instagram account, Laeticia Hallyday shared a photo where it seems that she sent a touching message to Johnny!

Three years ago, France learned terrible news. Johnny, the essential rocker, has passed away. Despite the years, Laeticia Hallyday continues to think of her late husband. She always winks at him.

For a few months now, Laeticia Hallyday has rebuilt her life alongside Jalil Lespert. With him, she shared her life with Pascal Balland. Despite her love stories, the pretty blonde does not forget her first love and father of her daughters.

In an interview with Sept à Huit, Laeticia Hallyday said: “I manage to love differently, but Johnny is still there … It’s brave for the man, for a man in my life today”.

The young woman had also confessed: “Johnny’s place is still very present. It’s not easy, we are often a three-way couple “. Despite everything, she seems madly in love with Jalil Lespert.

The latter accepts this part of the pretty blonde. This Thursday, February 11, she shared a new photo in Story from her Instagram account. She left a message that appears to be addressed to Johnny.

On Laeticia Hallyday’s post, we can read: “Remembering is easy for those who have memory. But forgetting is difficult for those who have a heart ”. A quote signed Gabriel Garcia Màrquez.


Some fans of Laeticia Hallyday therefore wonder if she addressed these words to Johnny. Two months ago, she had also shared a very moving message for the rocker. Three years after her death, she insisted on speaking out.

On Instagram, Laeticia Hallyday had written: “Three years already which seem to me a century, an eternity … we miss him more than anything and today is not an ordinary day but the days without him are rare”.

The young woman also added: “Rare because in truth we live together every moment. We need more than words because they will never be strong enough to express the still strong pain of his absence. ”

Finally, Jade and Joy’s mother also concluded: “Tonight we have to look at the sky, there will be a star that will shine brighter than the others … it is not far, it is watching, it is protecting us”.

From now on, Laeticia Hallyday lives very good times alongside Jalil Lespert. She also joined her sweetheart not long ago in Saint Barth. On social networks, the beauty unveiled her moving reunion.

The pretty blonde wished in Jalil Lespert’s arms and gave him a huge hug. For several minutes, the two did not let go. They took advantage of this intense moment to meet again.


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