Laeticia Hallyday refused to leave Johnny’s bedside!


Until her last moments, Laeticia Hallyday wanted to bring Johnny Hallyday to life, with meals with friends in particular!

In November 2017, Johnny was admitted to the Bizet clinic, in respiratory distress. Then he spent his last days in his house in Marnes-la-Coquette. Laeticia Hallyday then bent over backwards so that there was life around him.

In her book entitled “Laeticia H. At the heart of the Hallyday clan”, his ex-agent, Laurence Favalelli, recounts the last days of the life of the 73-year-old rocker.

Thus, she explains that Laeticia Hallyday called on her friends and organized meals every evening. And this, to make him want to fight cancer. Of course, David and Laura weren’t invited.

On December 3, Johnny’s two older children reportedly tried to visit their father, to no avail. Thus, they had introduced themselves with Laura’s mother, Nathalie Baye. However, that would not have changed Laeticia’s mind … Ouch!


“Laeticia organizes tables because we have to have dinners, because Johnny is going to get up, he is going to come,” says Laurence Favalelli in her book.

In total, a good ten friends were waiting for the rocker at the table. Jean Reno and his wife Zofia were often present. But he “is in the office, often with the door closed,” she explains.

So these were weird dinners that Johnny didn’t really attend. Although Laeticia Hallyday was going back and forth in the office!

Likewise, in broad daylight, the young woman did not even dare to take a walk in the garden for fear of leaving her husband alone. She therefore relied on her friends to take turns.

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Thus, the ex-agent of Laeticia Hallyday used to come at 1 p.m. and leave at night in order to watch over the rocker as well as possible.


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