Laeticia Hallyday radiant in shorts with hair in the wind!


Laeticia Hallyday seems to be very happy at the moment. Everything is going for the best then. On Insta, she is radiant in mini shorts.

Laeticia Hallyday seems to be on cloud nine. Today, the pretty mom is beaming in shorts on Insta.

Laeticia Hallyday is often talked about. And for good reason the beautiful blonde intrigues many Internet users. On the Web it therefore creates a buzz.

Thus, the mother of Joy and Jade is watched by her many fans. They are looking for the slightest scoop. Not surprising !

And in this area, it seems that Laeticia Hallyday fans are really pros. Indeed, nothing can escape them.

Moreover, between love stories and the life of a mother, the pretty star has something to make her many fans happy. Thus, she does not hesitate to share a lot of her privacy.

His daughter Jade blames him for this exposure. And for good reason, the two girls argued about it. It is true that from an early age, the eldest daughter of Laeticia Hallyday has been in the spotlight.

But today, mother and daughter have reconciled. More fear than harm then. Phew!

Indeed, everything seems to be going for the best in the star family. Thus, Laeticia Hallyday is more radiant than ever. In Saint-Barth, Jalil Lepert’s sweetheart appears in mini shorts.


Everything seems to be working out for Laeticia Hallyday. It is true that she has had some very hard episodes. Not easy then.

The pretty mother then seems very happy. And her boyfriend Jalil Lespert is not for nothing. Together they melt the Web. It must be said that the two lovebirds are really too cute.

Moreover, Laeticia Hallyday and her lover do not hesitate to share this great happiness. Thus, on social networks they do not stop sharing tender clichés.

In Saint-Barth, the couple seem to live on a cloud. Between breathtaking landscapes and small bikinis, everything seems to come together for a dream vacation. Enough to make a lot of people jealous then.

Today, Laeticia Hallyday appears once again on the Web. More radiant than ever, she took advantage of her vacation.

Her friend therefore takes advantage of an Insta post to make the pretty star wear one of her sweatshirts. It then specifies in the description: “Angel, wearing our special edition”.

Besides, her hair is very shiny. With her pretty waves, she seems to come back from the beach. And for good reason, his mini shorts give an idea of ​​the temperature.

Far from the Parisian cold, Laeticia Hallyday is therefore radiant. She should soon be posting new photos. To be continued.