Laeticia Hallyday: on the verge of moving for good to Paris?


For a long time, Laeticia Hallyday fought to obtain American nationality. Since the beginning of the year, therefore, she has lived peacefully in Los Angeles with her daughters.

But now, this new routine was becoming very restrictive for his life as a couple. She saw very little her dear and tender Pascal Balland.

And the confinement period did not help matters … So inevitably, when she was able to take the plane, Laeticia Hallyday hastened to see her darling.

Together, they traveled, enjoyed, loved each other … Anyway! They lived la dolce vita! So much so that they even spent a holiday in Saint Barth, in the Taulier house of French rock!

And according to a close source, Pascal is having a hard time having a good time:. “Pascal cannot find his place. Johnny is so present everywhere, here… ”

“He is skin-deep, not always nice to others, even downright not kind. No one had ever seen him like this! They spend their time arguing and reconciling on the pillow. But until when ? ”


So inevitably, by tasting these moments of happiness and these crises, Laeticia Hallyday does not plan to return to Los Angeles! But no choice!

In mid-September, Laeticia Hallyday will therefore have to return. But she also announced that she would return to France for a few weeks. Indeed, she will have to manage the business of Johnny Hallyday.

Moreover ! Her daughters will accompany their mother. They will therefore have to leave their French school in Los Angeles. Thus, they will therefore take online courses! A new routine that risks making them all funny!

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