Laeticia Hallyday okay with Jalil Lespert’s daughter?

Laeticia Hallyday spins the perfect love in the company of her new lover Jalil Lespert. And her daughter has already met her stepmother.

Since her husband Johnny Hallyday passed away, Laeticia Hallyday has been trying to move forward. And it was in the arms of Jalil Lespert that she found happiness.

Already 4 months since the couple formalized their relationship. Laeticia Hallyday’s new lover is not unknown to the general public. Indeed, it is about actor and director Jalil Lespert.

She announced the news just after her breakup with Pascal Balland. A love story that lasted all the same. But the widow of Johnny Hallyday later qualified this relationship as a “dressing”.

The two lovebirds then found each other well. Indeed, the couple took their first vacation in Rome, Italy.

Before having to return to France in November 2020. And it was in Marnes-La-Coquette that they spent their confinement together. But not for long.

They therefore spent a few days in Saint-Barthélémy and took the opportunity to pay tribute to the late singer. A very moving moment for the family.

But Laeticia Hallyday can count on her new lover to support her in these difficult times. He will always be there for her and her children.

Because Jalil Lespert gets along very well with the children of his new partner. But has her daughter accepted the new person who shares her life?

Laeticia Hallyday on good terms with the daughter of her darling Jalil Lespert?


Indeed, the new family seems happier than ever. And Laeticia Hallyday does not hesitate to share these moments of happiness on her Instagram account.

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Beautiful moments of bond between her daughters and the director. And if the couple is showing off their dream life on social media, it’s not quite the reality.

Like everyone else, every family has its ups and downs. And this is the case with Jade Hallyday. Yep, she’s not in her funniest time of her life.

At just 16, she has already experienced the death of her father. And is currently in the midst of a teenage crisis. And she doesn’t approve of Laeticia Hallyday’s new boyfriend.

But what about Jalil Lespert’s children? Well, her daughter Kahina’s mother is talking about it. Sonia Rolland therefore confided in Gala magazine about this situation.

She explains: “She needs time to adapt, like all children her age, Kahina is a smart and open little girl.”

Before recognizing: “The blended family is always a challenge. But I trust Jalil to maintain the special bond he has with his daughter ”

According to Sonia Rolland, the 10-year-old girl would have quickly met Laeticia Hallyday. It remains to be seen whether she will accept her new in-laws.



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